Artemis Human Landing System (HLS, Starship)

HLS, Artemis Human Landing System (HLS, Starship)


Crewed reusable lunar lander. Transfer astronauts from a lunar orbit to the surface of the Moon and back.


SpaceX, Hawthorne, CA


  • Super Heavy booster to launch a HLS into an Earth orbit, where it will be refueled by multiple Starship tanker spacecraft before boosting itself into a lunar near-rectilinear halo orbit (NRHO).
  • In NRHO HLS will rendezvous with a crewed Orion spacecraft (launched from Earth by SLS). A crew will transfer from Orion to HLS, which will descend to the lunar surface for a stay of several days which is to include five or more EVAs. It will then return the crew to Orion in NRHO.
Human Landing System (Starship HLS) configuration
Human Landing System (Starship HLS) configuration


Starship will never reenter an atmosphere, so it does not have a heat shield or flight control surfaces.


  • Six Raptor engines mounted at the tail which are used as the second stage during the launch from Earth.
  • Within 100 meters of the lunar surface HLS utilize high‑thrust RCS thrusters located mid‑body to avoid plume impingement problems with the lunar regolith. The thrusters burn gaseous oxygen and methane instead of the liquid oxygen and methane used by the Raptors.


  • LOX (liquid for Raptors, gas for trusters)
  • CH4 (liquid for Raptord, gas for trusters)
  • Starship HLS requires in-orbit propellant transfer in its mission profile. Prior to the launch of the HLS vehicle from Earth, a Starship variant configured as a propellant depot would be launched into an Earth orbit and then partially or fully filled by between four and fourteen Starship tanker flights carrying propellant. The HLS vehicle would then launch and rendezvous with the already-loaded propellant depot and refuel before transiting from Earth orbit to Lunar orbit.

Launch facilities

  • Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA
  • Starbase, Boca Chica, TX (near Mecican border)
  • Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL

Boca Chica live (HLS, Starship 24/7)


  • 2023 Delivery to NASA for uncrewed demo landing.
  • 2025 Artemis III: 4-person lunar orbit with 2-person lunar landing.
  • See for details: Artemis Planning


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