Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Technology

Peregrine Missions

  • Lunar lander.
  • Commercial.


  • 08-01-2024 Launch Peregrine with first flight of a Vulcan Centaur (ULA). Kennedy Space Center (KSC).
  • ULA is Boeing and Lockheed Martin).

Peregrine Mission One

  • 08-01-2024 Peregrine Lunar Lander (Astrobotic Technology).
  • 08-01-2024 Launch with first Vulcan Centaur (ULA), Kennedy Space Center.
  • Astrobotic abandoned moon landing attempt after suffering ‘critical’ fuel loss.The company that developed the first lunar lander to launch from the United States in five decades, said it is abandoning an attempt to put its Peregrine spacecraft on the moon less than 24 hours after the vehicle took flight.The spacecraft has suffered “critical” propellant loss from a fuel leak, according to the company. Just hours after the vehicle launched from Florida toward the moon early Monday morning, Astrobotic announced the mission was in jeopardy. The lunar lander, dubbed Peregrine, was unable to place itself in a position facing the sun, likely because of a propulsion issue, according to Astrobotic. That wayward orientation prevented the spacecraft from charging its batteries.The battery issue was later resolved, but Astrobotic was not able to correct the apparent issue with the Peregrine lander’s propulsion system.
  • 09-01-2024 Astrobotic said a fuel leak is causing the thrusters of Peregrine lander’s attitude control system — which are designed to precisely align the 6-foot-tall box-shaped lander while in space — have had to “operate well beyond their expected service life cycles to keep the lander from an uncontrollable tumble.” Astrobotic added that the thrusters could likely only operate for 40 more hours at most. Communication with DSN. 
  • 10-01-2024 Despite anomalies experienced by the Peregrine Lunar Lander scientists are looking ahead to upcoming missions under NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.
  • 18-01-2024 A controlled re-entry took place at 15:59 on 18 January EST (20:59 UTC), with possible impact somewhere near Point Nemo, a spacecraft cemetery in the South Pacific. The last contact with the spacecraft was achieved by DSS36, an antenna of the DSN in Canberra. Mission ended.

00-00-2024 Peregrine Mission Two

  • Expected.