Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab Electron rocket Electron general characteristics Carbon composite. LOX and kerosine. Battery hot swap. 1th stage: 9 x sea-level Rutherford engines. 2nd stage: 1 x vacuum Rutherford engine. 3th stage: kick start. Booster recovery. Launch from Mahia, New Zealand (NZ). Mission for Astroscale (19-02-2024) Electron mission: No. 44 Launch date: 19-02-2024 Mission name: On […]

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Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Technology Peregrine Missions Lunar lander. Commercial. ULA 08-01-2024 Launch Peregrine with first flight of a Vulcan Centaur (ULA). Kennedy Space Center (KSC). ULA is Boeing and Lockheed Martin). Peregrine Mission One 08-01-2024 Peregrine Lunar Lander (Astrobotic Technology). 08-01-2024 Launch with first Vulcan Centaur (ULA), Kennedy Space Center. Astrobotic abandoned moon landing attempt after suffering

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Intuitive Machines (IM)

Intuitive Machines (IM) Intuitive Machines (IM) Private Lunar Data Network (LDN). Five Data Relay Satellites (Khon satellites). Nova Control (MC center) in partnership with Fugro in Western Australia (SpAARC). Nova-C lunar lander Lunar lander. Commercial payload. Autonomous landing. Autonomous hazard detection. When landed capable to relocate itself. Not designed to withstand the cold temperatures of

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SpaceX Starship III sequence of events (IFT-3)

SpaceX Starship III sequence of events (IFT-3) Mission Flight test #III: Bx/Sxx (IFT-3) Down Webcams Dashboard Time Mission IFT-3 The third flight test of a fully integrated Starship. Integrated Test Flight IFT-3 (OFT-3). Expected: January 2024. Launch date:  Scheduled IFT-3 16-01-2024 Scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. Updates IFT-3 16-01-2024 Updates Electronic Thrust Vector

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Tijdgenoten renaissance (1450-1650)

De Italiaanse humanisten die de term rinascita (Frans: renaissance) introduceerden, meenden dat na een periode van verval, de middeleeuwen, een nieuwe gouden eeuw was aangebroken, die niets minder was dan een wedergeboorte van de verworvenheden van de klassieke oudheid. De acceptatie van renaissance als periodebegrip had niet alleen te maken met de herleving van de klassieke oudheid en de wijze waarop deze

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Blue Origin progress

Down 00-00-2000 Founded 00-00-2006 New Shepard (NS, fully reusable suborbital launch vehicle) 00-11-2006 First test vehicle was launched, the Goddard rocket, which reached an altitude of 285 feet 00-00-2012 New Glenn (NG, heavy lift vehicle) 00-09-2016 New Glenn (NG) 00-05-2019 Blue Moon announced 20-07-2021 New Shepard (NS) performed its first crewed mission to sub-orbital space

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Airports live webcams

Airports live webcams mosaic (by longitude) (west to east) All live webcams start automatically Omlaag US Time zones Flightradar 24 (tab) SkyVecor (tab) Space dashboard -149 USA Alaska Anchorage Lake Hood (ANC/PALH) Flightradar24 (new tab) -149 Anchorage (ANC/PALH) -118 USA California Los Angeles International (LAX/KLAX) -097 USA Texas Boca Chica Brownsville South Padre (KBRO/KBRO)

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News from space

Down Schedule Dashboard Spaceflight now Space Space scitech daily SpaceX on X Up The Pioneering Years of Spaceflight: A Journey to the Stars Introduction The first years of spaceflight mark a momentous era in human history, characterized by bold ambitions, technological leaps, and extraordinary achievements. From the launch of the first artificial satellite to

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SpaceX Starship II sequence of events (IFT-2)

SpaceX Starship II sequence of events (IFT-2) Mission Flight test #II: B9/S25 (IFT-2) Down Webcams Dashboard,568 Mission The second flight test of a fully integrated Starship will debut a hot-stage separation system and a new electronic Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system for Super Heavy Raptor engines, in addition to reinforcements to the pad foundation

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SpaceX Falcon 9, Crew Dragon and Falcon Heavy sequence of events

SpaceX Falcon 9, Crew Dragon and Falcon Heavy sequence of events (latest first) Space dashboard Launch F9 Launch F9 and Crew Dragon Crew Dragon return Launch Falcon Heavy ASDS Launch Falcon 9 with EUCLID space telescope (01-07-2023) Mission SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and ESA Euclid satellite from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC). ESA Euclid space

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Starbase Boca Chica

Starbase Boca Chica TX (SpaceX) Space dashboard Boca Chica FAA NOTAM Boca Chica Flyover Boca Chica Operations Boca Chica Map Boca Chica Guide Brownsville (BRO) Airport SpaceX Map Space live webcams 1. Massey’s Structural Test Site Aft Section Structural Test Cage Burst Pad (pressure test to failure) Can Crusher Test Stand Cryogenic Test Stand Booster

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Space live webcams

Space live webcams mosaic (by source) Down Dashboard Timezones NASA NASA Live YouTube (new tab) NASA TV Upcoming events SpaceX SpaceX Live YouTube (new tab) Spacex website SpaceX website video direct (new tab) SpaceX on X/Twitter (new tab) NSF – Boca Chica, KSC, McGregor NSF Live YouTube (new tab) SFN SFN Live YouTube

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SpaceX Starship I sequence of events (IFT-1)

SpaceX Starship I sequence of events (IFT-1) Down Dashboard Mission Flight test #1: B7/S24 (launch 20-04-2023) Flight objectives Integrated Test Flight IFT-1 Collecting data from the integrated vehicle (SH with S). Liftoff. Sub orbital flight. Reentry (tiles). Rocket configuration First stage: SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 3 minute burn. Number: SH7 (B7) Second stage: SpaceX Starship

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Virgin Orbit progress

Virgin Orbit progress (2023 bankrupt) Space dashboard Virgin Orbit is a company within the Virgin Group which provides launch services for small satellites. Virgin Orbit completed 2001 29-09-2001 Boeing assembled 747-400-41R called Cosmic Girl. 2002 31-10-2002 Cosmic Girl perated as passenger airliner by Virgin Atlantic. 2005 03-11-2005 Engine No. 1 struck the ground. 2015 Cosmic

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Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek device that was discovered in the early 20th century on the Greek island of Antikythera. It is a complex mechanical device that was used to calculate astronomical positions and predict eclipses, and is considered to be the oldest known example of a geared mechanism in existence. The device

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Artemis Gateway

Artemis Gateway Space dashboard The Gateway will serve as a multi-purpose outpost orbiting the Moon that provides essential support for long-term human return to the lunar surface and serves as a staging points for deep space exploration. Small ISS. Artemis IV. Artemis Gateway modules Artemis Gateway configuration Modules PPE (Power and Propulsion Element) Function: The

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Artemis Base Camp

Artemis Base Camp Space dashboard For a sustained presence with emphasis on mobility to allow astronauts to explore more of the Moon and conduct more science. Modules LTV (Lunar Terrain Vehicle) Function: A lunar terrain vehicle or LTV, to transport crew around the landing zone. HMP (Habitable Mobility Platform) Function: Station on the surface of

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Artemis II trajectory

Artemis II trajectory Space dashboard Artemis II trajectory basics Similar missions In 1968, the Apollo 8 mission, crewed by astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and William Anders, was designed to test-fly command and service module beyond low Earth orbit. Although similar to Artemis 2 in that it was crewed and did not land on the

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Artemis I trajectory

Artemis I trajectory Space dashboard Basics 1 Basics 2 Artemis I trajectory burns Artemis I trajectory animation Blue = the Earth Green = the Moon Purple = Artemis I Date Artemis I speed Artemis I distance from the Moon Artemis I DRO trajectory Reentry Artemis I targeted landing site near Guadalupe Island Artemis I landing

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SpaceX Starship images

SpaceX Starship images Space dashboard Starship Booster SpaceX Starship 19-11-2022 Booster 7 Starship and booster stack Starship: Trajectory Starship is a fully-reusable, super-heavy-lift launch vehicle being developed by American aerospace company SpaceX. If successful, Starship will be the most powerful launch vehicle ever built and is expected to be the first to demonstrate total reusability.

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Artemis II images

Artemis II images Space dashboard Artemis II: Core Stage and RS-25 Artemis II Inside the SLS Core Stage Artemis II RS-25 serial numbers Artemis II Core Stage with RS-25 Artemis II : Heat shield Artemis II heat shield installation Artemis II: Orion Crew Model (CM) Artemis II Crew Module (CM) Artemis missions With Artemis missions,

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ESA European Space Agency

ESA European Space Agency Space dashboard ESA, the European Space Agency is an intergovernmental organisation of 22 member states dedicated to the exploration of space. Established in 1975 and headquartered in Paris. Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain,

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Artemis II sequence of events

Artemis II sequence of events Space dashboard EXPECTED Preparations Expected. Less than two months before launch (dd-mm-yyyy) 00-00-2024 Artemis launch contraints. 00-00-2024 Go/NoGo for rollout. 00-00-2024 Rollout to the pad. Less than two days before opening launch window (hh:mm) Advice: All times in CET (00:00). Opening launch window: CET Countdown to opening launch window: 48:00

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Artemis II

Artemis II Space dashboard Artemis II will test the systems required for astronauts to live and breathe in deep space. Long duration missions far from Earth drive engineers to design compact systems not only to maximize available space for crew comfort, but also to accommodate the volume needed to carry consumables like enough food and

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SpaceX Starship progress

SpaceX Starship progress (from old to new) Space dashboard 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2018 00-12-2018 Starhopper. First static fire: 03-04-2019. Maiden flight: 25-07-2019. 00-12-2018 MK1. Up 2019 00-05-2019 MK2. 27-08-2019 Starhopper, 150 meter hop test. 1 minute flight. 00-09-2019 MK4. 00-10-2019 MK3/SN1 (SN Serial Number). Up 2020 00-03-2020 SN3. 00-04-2020 SN4. First

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SpaceX Starship

SpaceX Starship Space dashboard Specifications Function: sub-orbital spaceflight, orbital spaceflight, interplanetary spaceflight Height: 120 m (394 ft) Diameter: 9 m (30 ft) Mass: 5,000 t (10,000,000 lb) Altitude: 500 km (310 mi) Orbital inclination: 98.9 ° Mass: 100 t (220,000 lb) Volume: 1,000 m³ (35,000 ft³) Launch and landing sites: Starbase Boca Chica TX, Kennedy

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