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ABL Space Systems

Advances Space

Aegis Aerospace

  • Aegis
  • RAC platform (lunar payload)



  • AMCM
  • Tripteron rocket engine

Arts Technica

Axiom Space

  • Axiom Space
  • First commercial spacestation
  • In docking port of ISS and later separation
  • No own launch vehicle
  • Axiom-2 (Ax-2, May 2023)

China (China National Space Administration)

  • Launch and landing sites
      • Dongfeng (landing site)
      • Jiuquan (launch center, Gobi)
      • Lop Nur (military base, Xinjiang)
      • Tai Rui (landing site, barge Yellow Sea)
  • Mars
      • Tianhe (on Mars)
      • Tianwen 1 (Mars orbiter)
      • Zhurong (Mars rover, communication lost)
  • Moon
      • International Lunar Research Station Cooperation Organization (ILRSCO)
      • ILRS Moon base
  • Orienspace (private company)
      • Gravity 1 (2023)
      • Gravity 2
      • Gravity 3
      • Sea launch platform
  • Rockets
      • Jielong 3 (Smart Dragon SM 3, solid)
      • Long March LM 2F
      • Long March LM 5 (heavy)
      • Long March LM 5B
      • Long March LM 5G
      • Long March LM 6
      • Long March LM 6A
      • Long March LM 7A
      • Long March LM 7B
      • Long March LM 8
      • Long March LM 9 (heavy)
      • Long March LM 11
      • Shenzhou (crewed spacecraft)
      • Tianwen 1 (Mars rocket)
      • Tianzhou (cargo ship for TG 1)
      • Zhuque 2 (satellites)
  • Spaceplane (reusable mini shuttle, made by CASC)
  • Space stations
      • Tiangong (TG 1, space station CSS)
      • Tiangong (TG 2, space station CSS)
      • Tianhe (basic module CSS)
      • Wengian (research module CSS)
      • Mentian (research module CSS)

ClearSpace (debris, Europe)

DanAero (small rocketplane)



Electron (Rocket Lab Electron)

Emirates (UAE Space Agency)

Exploration Company (Europe)

Exotrail (Service company, Europe)


  • Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR)



  • Elera (low signal telecom like Starlink)

Intuitive Machines

Isis Space


Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

  • KARI
  • Kompsat-6 Earth observation satellite (2024)

Launch (launch facility, launch facilities, spaceport, space center, landing facilities)


Lockheed Martin

Netherlands, the

Relativity Space

Spaceport Company

Stratolaunch systems

  • Talon A (hypersonic flight vehicle)
  • buys Virgin Orbit plane

VAST (space habitation)

  • VAST
  • Haven-1 (first commercial crewed space station)

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Orbit

Voyager Space

Space dashboard
Space dashboard
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