Chic puur en in topvorm

Chic puur en in topvorm

Chic is een Amerikaanse disco/funkband die in 1976 werd gevormd door gitarist Nile Rodgers en bassist Bernard Edwards. Chic is vooral bekend geworden door hun discosongs, waaronder Dance, dance, dance (Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah) (1977), Everybody Dance (1977), Le Freak (1978), I want your love (1978), Good Times (1979) en My forbidden lover (1979).


  • Le Freak (0:00)
  • I’m Coming Out (2:50)
  • We Are Family (6:00)
  • A Little Favor (9:03)
  • Random Access Memories (11:30)
  • Get Lucky (13:30)
  • Good Times (17:00)
  • Let’s Dance (25:49)


  • Nile Rodgers: guitar, vocals
  • Russell Graham: keyboards, vocals
  • Jerry Barnes: bass, vocals
  • Ralph Rolle: drums, vocals
  • Richard Hilton: keyboards, vocals
  • Ken Gioffre: saxophone
  • Steve Jankowski: trumpet
  • Audrey Martells: vocals
  • Kimberly Davis: vocals


US Hot 100US R&BUS Club Play
1977Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)661CHIC
1977Everybody Dance38121CHIC
1978Norma Jean Wright – Saturday10Norma Jean
1978Le Freak111C’est CHIC
1978I Want Your Love751C’est CHIC
1979He’s The Greatest Dancer911We Are Family
1979Sister Sledge – We Are Family211We Are Family
1979Sister Sledge – Lost In Music35We Are Family
1979Norma Jean Wright – High Society92
1979Good Times111Risqué
1979My Forbidden Lover43333Risqué
1979My Feet Keep Dancing42Risqué
1980Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer2844King Of The World
1980Sister Sledge – Got To Love Somebody Today64634Love Somebody Today
1980Sister Sledge – Reach Your Peak2134Love Somebody Today
1980Sister Sledge – Let’s Go On Vacation63Love Somebody Today
1980Diana Ross – Upside Down111diana
1980Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out551diana
1980Rebels Are We61829Real People
1980Real People7951Real People
1981Debbie Harry – Backfired437129Koo Koo
1981Debbie Harry – The Jam Was Moving82Koo Koo
1981Stage Fright34Take It Off
1982Soup For One8014Soup For One Soundtrack
1982Hangin’48Tongue In CHIC
1983Give Me The Lovin’57Believer
1987Jack Le Freak15
1992CHIC Mystique481CHIC-ism
1992Your Love3CHIC-ism
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis