Huey Lewis and The News – Couple Days Off – Best live recording!!

Huey Lewis and the News is een Amerikaanse rockband uit San Francisco. Couple Days Off is hun eerste single van hun zesde studioalbum Hard at Play.

Huey Lewis and The News – Couple Days Off (Live)

Huey Lewis: Lead vocals, harp.
Mario Cipollina: Bass guitar.
Chris Hayes: Guitar, vocals.
Johnny Colla: Saxophone, guitar, vocals.
Sean Hopper: Keyboards, vocals.
Bill Gibson: Drums, vocals.

Locatie: E-Werk, Keulen, Duitsland.
Datum: 8 december 1991.
Lengte: 7 minuten en 5 seconden.
Uitvoering: Live.

Huey Lewis and The News hebben in 1994 een (geweldig) optreden gegeven in Paradiso, Amsterdam.


Clover was een Amerikaanse countryrockband, opgericht in Mill Valley, Californië en actief van 1967 tot 1978. Clover is vooral bekend als de begeleidingsband van Elvis Costello’s debuutalbum My Aim Is True uit 1977 (opgenomen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk), en voor zijn leden gaan op naar groter succes met Huey Lewis and the News, de Doobie Brothers en Lucinda Williams.

Clover (Sean Hopper, Johnny Ciambotti, Alex Call, John McFee, Kevin Wells, Huey Lewis)
Huey Lewis and The News
Huey Lewis and The News


Yeah alright

I like my job and I don’t mind the work
But eleven out of twelve is bound to hurt
The pay’s pretty good and the benefits are fine
But I got a little girl and I wanna make her mine

Don’t mind telling you I get a little mad
To get a bit ahead takes all the time I have
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not getting soft
All I want is a couple days off

Yeah can’t wait for the weekend
Ah baby just can’t wait no

I don’t need another high song to sing
I don’t need a shiny new diamond ring
I don’t need to meet nobody else
I just need a little time for myself

‘Cause I’m only human, I’m no machine
I need a little loving only you know what I mean
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not getting soft
All I want is a couple days off

Yeah, just a couple days
Let me catch my breath

Thank God for the weekend

Ah back to the old grind

I don’t need another long coffee break
I’ve had as much coffee as a man can take
I need to change my disposition change my point of view
I need time to figure out what I wanna do

Believe me when I tell you it gets a little rough
We work a little harder but it never is enough
I’m not afraid to say I’m a total loss
All I want is a couple days off

Just a couple days
Oh yes sir

Time to wait for the weekend