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Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 Blog. Posts in 2024. Latest information from local well informed circles. Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From 09-05-2025 until 18-05-2025. The latest news on a daily basis. With a blog photo album. This Gustav Mahler festival blog is updated daily.

Posts in 2024

22-02-2024 Photo album Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025

A photo book has been opened for the photos of the Mahler festival in 2025.

Photo camera 1920
Photo camera from 1920 (the time of the first Mahler Festival in Amsterdam)

14-02-2024 Tram and bus in Amsterdam (.pdf)

Tram and bus in Amsterdam
Tram and bus in Amsterdam (.pdf). Concertgebouw: F5.

In front of the main entrance of the Concertgebouw Museumkwartier / van Baerlestraat (F5 on the map) is the tram-stop for:

  • Line 12 (green): Central Station trainstation v.v. Amstelstation trainstation (half-circle-line).
  • Line 3 (purple-light): Zoutkeetsgracht v.v. Flevopark (half-circle-line).
  • Line 5  (purple-dark): Van Hallstraat v.v. Westergasfabriek (north-south-line). (N.B. Apollolaan 123 is Gerrit vd Veenstraat/Beethovenstraat.)

Tram and bus are provided by the GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoer Bedrijf, Municipal Transport Company) of Amsterdam.

05-02-2024 Five star review Gurre-Lieder in De Volkskrant (Dutch)


Gurre-Lieder recensie De Volkskrant (05-02-2024)
Gurre-Lieder recensie De Volkskrant (05-02-2024)

01-02-2024 Gurre-Lieder (1911) by Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951)

This month the Concertgebouw Orchestra will play the Gurre-Lieder by Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951). The composer was born 150 years ago. The previous performance in Amsterdam of this gigantic work took place in 1921. More than a hundred years ago it was led by the composer himself. There were approximately 750 musicians. This year (2024) is the second time the Concertgebouw Orchestra plays this work. Conductor is Riccardo Chailly.

Gurre-Lieder premiere
Gurre-Lieder Vienna (1913)
Gurre-Lieder 2024 Amsterdam
Gurre-Lieder Amsterdam (2024)
Gurre Lieder Amsterdam 2024
Gurre Lieder Amsterdam 2024

27-01-2024 Roberto Mahler (1881-1953) from Chile

There is new information about a cousin of Gustav Mahler who spent much of his life in Chile. This cousin, Roberto Mahler (1881-1953), was also a conductor and composer.

15-01-2024 Mahler Foundation and Marina Mahler at Festival

Reports are coming from the Mahler Foundation that Marina Mahler will be present as a “Guest of Honour” at the festival. Work is also underway on a special documentary in which Marina visits a number of places that meant a lot to her grandfather.

11-01-2024 RCO - Principals 2023/2024

05-01-2024 Posters in hallways

Posters hang in the hallways.

Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster
Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 poster

04-01-2024 New lighting and sidewalk in 2024

September 2023, the historic Museumplein (Museum square) entrance festively reopened its doors. The Concertgebouw has restored its connection with Museumplein with three large French doors. In addition to the reopening, the entrance on Jan Willem Brouwersstraat was also renovated. All entrances will be equipped with additional lighting so that they can be clearly found. The work is being carried out in close collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, which will also renew the sidewalks around the building in 2024.

There are three entrances (Entree):

  • J.W. Brouwers straat (street).
  • Museumplein (Museum square).
  • Concertgebouwplein (Concertgebouw square).

Doors A to D: Ground floor (Begane grond). Hall (Zaal).

Doors E to K: First floor (Eerste verdieping). Balcony & Podium (Balkon & Podium).

Concertgebouw plattegrond begane grond 2024
Ground floor (Hall)
Concertgebouw plattegrond 1e verdieping 2024
First floor (Balcony & Podium)
First floor (Mahlerfoyer)

01-01-2024 Countdown to opening festival

Countdown to opening Mahler Festival Amsterdam 2025 on 09-05-2025. Remaining days from today:

01-01-2024 Happy New Year!

Bert and Judith van der Waal van Dijk (the Netherlands)

End of posts in 2024.